**Please note that this public version of the database has not been updated recently and does not cover all variables. We update our data regularly and use the updated data in our analysis work. This version is only for you to get a flavour of the data that we use**

Talent Signature Report

The League of Scholars Research Talent Signature Report enables you to get a new perspective on the research talent at your University or research organisation.

This detailed and customised report contains a snapshot of up-to-date data on researchers at your institution compared with nearly a million others at the Top 2000 institutions worldwide.

The League of Scholars Talent Signature Report gives you a comprehensive and specific topic-level overview of your institution's key research strengths and includes:

Areas of critical mass

This shows where your institution has large research teams.
University of Manchester, for example has the largest group of Graphene researchers in the world; Harvard University has the largest group of Computational Biology researchers while University of Cambridge has the largest group in Structural Biology.

Areas of comparative advantage

This shows where your institution commands relative comparative advantage.
Our data, for example shows for University of Toronto Functional Genomics is among their Top 10 Research strengths - an area they lead the world in; Desalination is an area University of Technology Sydney leads the world in and Paleoclimate is an area of advantage for Columbia University.

Lists of key talent

Each signature report contains numerous ranked lists of individual researchers to help identify top scholars of today and tomorrow within your organisation.

  • Today's Stars
    Researchers who are currently established domain leaders in their field, ranked by topic and total career citations in last five years.
  • Tomorrow's Stars
    Researchers who rank among the World leaders in their field - ranked by League of Scholars Whole-of-Web Ranking (WoW) that takes into consideration a range of factors including the impact of publishing venues, industrial liaison and public engagement via media.
  • All Rounders
    World leaders in their field - ranked by League of Scholars Whole-of-Web Ranking (WoW) across multiple fields.
  • Youngest upcoming stars
    Youngest Top-Ranked Whole-of-Web ranked authors.

Institution level rankings

This shows at a University-wide of the comparison of your institution with others including:

  • Share of talent of tomorrow
  • Level of researcher-industry connectedness
  • Comparative age profile of researchers

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